Very good.

Next, how about some historical trivia? In Paragon City, we hear a lot about superheroes, but there are men who accomplish great deeds with no superpowers at all.

One of these men is my personal role-model. It's easy enough to be a great artist. And it's easy enough to rule the known world. But how many people manage to do both?

The man I'm thinking of was once the absolute ruler of the Roman Empire, and was praised by the philosopher Seneca for his wisdom and benevolence. When his city was nearly destroyed by fire, he worked tirelessly to rebuild it; the centerpiece of his efforts was a magnificent complex of palaces and parks.

But he was also a skilled actor and musician and charioteer. Even after becoming Emperor, he frequently entered competitions, and his skills were so great that he invariably won. His singing was especially beautiful; no one would willingly leave one of his performances, and indeed historians report that women would give birth to children in the theatre rather than leave.

He died young, due to the cruel persecutions of jealous inferiors. But even centuries later, he has not been forgotten.

Oh, and there's a city in Nevada which is an anagram of his name. Who was he?